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TAICHY FOOD was established in 2014. We focus on food and beverage raw materials' manufacturing/exporting. Tomato paste is our fundamental product, and we also supply fruit juice and puree,such as concentrated apple juice, apricot, peach puree; kidney beans, starch, as well as other agricultural by-products. Currently, we have founded 2 companies: TIANJIN TAICHY SUPPLY CHAIN MANAGEMENT CO., LTD and TIANJIN TAICHY FOOD TRADING CO., LTD.

TAICHCY FOOD tomato paste factory is located in Xinjiang-one of the best tomato planting areas in the northern hemisphere, where the sunshine is strong and temperature variations are favorable. Our seeds are supplied by both Heinz, USA and Delmont, Japan. Our tomato paste with excellent quality, high lycopene and low acidity. Customized bostwick and brix options are also available. The brand "TAICHY FOOD" already has a decent reputation in the intel market. We have been regularly ranked among the TOP 3 suppliers from China to the market of Russia, Central Asia, South Asia and Europe.

At the same time, we also import excellent natural agricultural products from Russia and Kazakhstan, including buckwheat, linseed, safflower seed, and sunflower oil to satisfy our domestic consumers.

Our company has a professional logistics team that is experienced in international multimodal transportation. In 2017, TAICHY FOOD created the first express train shipment ever in China, loading 82fcl of tomato paste from Xinjiang to Russia.

We take it as our duty to balance our profit and customers’ interests. We fulfill the concept of symbiosis and mutual growth continuously.

Our mission is to be a healthy food and beverage ambassador between China and the world.


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